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Yes or No to politics in the classroom

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From the Guardian.

Scottish referendum: is it yes or no to politics in class?

Some Scottish schools have not debated the issues over independence. Have pupils who will be voting missed out?l

The Goschen Proportion/Barnett

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The Herald 25 July 1992. This is an interesting piece from Arnold Kemp on the history of the Barnett formula. Jackie Kemp

WE start with a confession. The Herald has, these past few weeks, been mis-spelling the name of the formula by which Scotland's share of UK public expenditure is decided.

In our error we have at least been consistent, referring throughout to the Goshen/Barnett formula. This must have set up an irritation somewhere in my subconscious. No-one had complained or questioned us. But for no particular reason beyond a vague conviction that something was amiss, I looked it up.


Devolition finance: The Barnett foumula

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Derivation v Equalisation: A row over Scottish funding from the 1990s, Arnold Kemp, the Herald. It is interesting to note how the debate over funding has changed since then, I think. Jackie Kemp.

The long-standing principle of equalisation means that all revenues (except local government tax) are remitted to the centre. They are then allocated according to a formula that takes account of need, sparsity of population and so on. This system reflects the essential idea of the unitary state -- that all its citizens should have a similar expectation of services irrespective of the wealth of their region.

[Critics] assumes that a Scottish Assembly would be financed by a system of derivation rather than equalisation. Under this principle expenditure is related to revenue raised in a particular geographical area. 


Israeli Performers and the Edinburgh festival: A Personal View

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Published in the Scottish Review on 27 August 2014
The censorship 
of artists in 
the festival city
Jackie Kemp. This version has some links inserted.

Jerusalem's Incubator Theatre company

This year's theme for the Edinburgh International Festival – 'War' – was more apposite than planned, disturbed as the city was this summer by the rumble of distant guns.


A defence of the Red Road flats demolition plan

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Destroying the unwanted flats and using them as a metaphor for change is not a bad message to take from Glasgow’s Games, writes Jackie Kemp

From the Scotsman April 8 (this plan was later abandoned).

THE Red Road flats are coming down – should it be with a bang or a whimper?


Scottish Universities and the referendum

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Scotland has more top-200 universities than anywhere else in the world
Glasgow University: many of the reservations about independence are based on fears over research funding Photograph: Alamy

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